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Liberty Hub – Defending the West. Who is the American Dream assassin? Trump, Jesus or Marx? 

Tuesday, 14 July 2020, 21:44 Sursă:

Now you may have thought that this was a debate that was settled conclusively back in the 19th century, when there was the rise of populism, the labor movement and Jacksonian democracy, also when it ushered in the Gilded Age, when the effects of modern Biblical scholarship on the churches started to ignite, and in Europe there was a general move away from religious observance and belief in Christian teachings and a move towards secularism. And here we are today, seeing an ultimate link between the new religious order that analysts believe to no longer praise God. 

We take a look at the Bible in the American culture, then we dwelve right into the punishment of prayer through the removal of crosses from schools. We later touch upon Alexis de Tocqueville’s summons on Christianity in America and what got us from Tocqueville to Bernie Sanders. Here’s a fun challenge: Want to join an exciting Revolution where we end slavery, treat every race as equal, topple corrupt institutions, fight for justice, champion the opressed, aknowledge our original sin, take a knee and create a better world by treating our neighbor as ourself? Then follow Jesus Christ! 

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